Deadly Florence Causing Dangerous Flooding Across Carolinas

By   •   September 15, 2018

Florence is gone but she has forever changed some families. The deadly storm first made landfall Friday, September 14, with winds upwards of 100 mph, causing at least three dozen deaths since then. to provide emotional and spiritual care to residents who might need it.
This photo shows people walking through the high winds from Hurricane Florence in Swansboro, North Carolina.
The North Carolina National Guard was called in to help evacuate those left stranded by the storm. About 800 people needed to be rescued from rising floodwaters in New Bern, North Carolina.
Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten "Survivor" were among the rescues in New Bern.
Florence peaked as a roaring Category 4 hurricane with top winds of 140 mph. The eastern North Carolina town of Swansboro was inundated by more than 30 inches of rain.
A man makes a phone call from the front porch of his home surrounded by floodwaters in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
Soggy ground means ample opportunity for trees to fall and cause unexpected damage.
Sadly, a woman and her baby were killed after this tree crashed through the home.
A local power company recorded 1.4 million outages in the Carolinas due to Florence.
Hundreds line up at a Harris Teeter Supermarket that opened its doors on Saturday in Wilmington, North Carolina. Read the story of how one local pastor and his family decided to take cover in their church, rather than evacuate.
Devastating storms like this often leave residents battling an array of emotions as they deal with great loss. >> .
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